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Application of Intelligent Fuzzy PID Control Algorithm in Large Astronomical Telescope Tracking System 会议论文
Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes VII, Austin, Texas, United States, 2018-6-10
Authors:  Xiajie Zhang;  Changzhi Ren
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Astronomical Telescope  Direct Drive  Nonlinear Disturbance  Intelligent Fuzzy Control  
Research on the fault diagnosis and self-healing technology of unattended Antarctic telescope 会议论文
Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes VII, Austin, Texas, United States, 2018-6-10
Authors:  Yun Li;  Shihai Yang
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Astronomical Telescope  Fault Diagnosis  Self-healing  Intelligent  Expert System  
Research for Diagnosing Electronic Control Fault of Astronomical Telescope’s Armature Winding by Step Signal 会议论文
8th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies: Large Mirrors and Telescopes, Suzhou, China, 2016-4-26
Authors:  Zhang Yulong;  Yang Shihai;  Gu Bozhong
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Astronomical Telescope  Armature Winding  Fault Diagnosis  Step Signal  Matlab/simulink  
Review of Mechanical Structure of Force Actuator for Optical Astronomical Telescope 会议论文
Advanced Materials Research, Xiamen, Fujian, China, 2013-5-18
Authors:  Yu Fang Zhang
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Astronomical Telescope  Force Actuator  Optics  Structure  Voice Coil  
Outdoors phasing progress of dispersed fringe sensing technology in NIAOT, China 会议论文
Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes IV, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2012-7-1
Authors:  Yong Zhang;  Xiangqun Cui;  Genrong Liu;  Yuefei Wang;  Jijun Ni;  Hongmei Li;  Yizhong Zeng;  Aihua Li;  Yeping Li;  Zhixu Wu
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Astronomical Telescope  Phasing Segmented Mirror Active Optics  Disperse Fringe Sensor  Disperse Hartmann Sensor  
Status of the first Antarctic Survey Telescopes for Dome A 会议论文
Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes IV, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2012-7-1
Authors:  Zhengyang Li;  Xiangyan Yuan;  Xiangqun Cui;  Daxing Wang;  Xuefei Gong;  Fujia Du;  Yi Zhang;  Yi Hu;  Haikun Wen;  Xiaoyan Li;  Lingzhe Xu;  Zhaohui Shang;  Lifan Wang
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Astronomical Site  Dome a  Antarctica Survey Telescope  Automatic Observations  
Optics Derotator Servo Control System for SONG Telescope 会议论文
Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes IV, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2012-7-1
Authors:  Jin Xu;  Changzhi Ren;  Yu Ye
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Astronomical Telescope  Song  Servo Control System  Linux Qt  
Computer Network: Control Infrastructure of Large Astronomical Telescopes 会议论文
Selected Papers from the 2011 International Conference on Electric and Electronics (EEIC 2011), Nanchang, China, 2011-6-20
Authors:  Lingzhe Xu;  Xinqi Xu
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Large Astronomical Telescope  Computer Network  Control Infrastructure  Control System  Lan  
Design and Test of a Micro-displacement Actuator Based on Giant Magnetostrictive Material 会议论文
Smart Materials and Nanotechnology in Engineering, Weihai, China, 2009-7-8
Authors:  Liang Shao;  Dehua Yang;  Bintang Yang;  Kunxin Chen
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Micro-displacement Actuator  Giant Magnetostrictive Material  Displacement/stroke Pantograph Mechanism  Astronomical Telescope  Nanometer Resolution.  
Progress of LAMOST Wavefront Sensing 会议论文
Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes II, Marseille, France, 2008-6-23
Authors:  Yong Zhang
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Astronomical Telescope  Lamost  Thin Mirror Active Optics  Segmented Mirror Active Optics  Wavefront Sensing  Wavefront Correction