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Laboratory Experiment of a High-contrast Imaging Coronagraph with New Step-transmission Filters 会议论文
Techniques and Instrumentation for Detection of Exoplanets IV, San Diego, CA, 2008-8-2
Authors:  Jiangpei Dou;  Deqing Ren;  Yongtian Zhu;  Xi Zhang
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Extra-solar Planets  High-contrast Imaging  Coronagraph  Step-transmission Filters  Deformable Mirror  
Laboratory experiment of a coronagraph based on step-transmission filters 会议论文
Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2008: Optical, Infrared, and Millimeter, Marseille, France, 2008-6-23
Authors:  Jiangpei Dou;  Yongtian Zhu;  Deqing Ren;  Xi Zhang
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High-contrast Imaging  Extra-solar Planets  Step-transmission Filters