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Theoretical research on parameter calculation and error analysis of Hindle auxiliary sphere method for testing convex hyperboloid mirror 会议论文
SPIE Novel Technologies and Instruments for Astronomical Multi-Band Observations, Beijing, China, 2021-7(23-25)
Authors:  Jiao XJ(焦晓洁);  Jiang ZB(姜自波)
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applied optics  Hindle test  error analysis  Hindle auxiliary sphere convex hyperboloid mirror  stitching detection  
Application progress of stressed mirror continuous polishing technology in the segments fabrication of telescope primary mirror 会议论文
Proc. of SPIE Vol. 11451, California, United States, 2020-12-13
Authors:  Jiang ZB(姜自波);  Li XN(李新南);  Chen Z(陈哲);  Cao T(曹亭);  Chen KX(陈昆新);  Wang FP(王丰璞);  Gong XF(宫雪非);  Liang YJ(梁永军);  Zheng Y(郑奕);  Jiao XJ(焦晓洁)
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Stressed Mirror Polishing  Continuous Polishing  Segments  Mirror Fabrication  Off-axis Aspheric  Contact Measurement  
Fabricating and testing of the trim plate for the Zwicky Transient Facility 会议论文
Advances in Optical and Mechanical Technologies for Telescopes and Instrumentation III, Austin, Texas, United States, 2018-6-10
Authors:  Chen Xu;  Yi Zheng;  Bo Li;  Xinnan Li;  Zhe Chen;  Kunxing Chen;  Bin Liang
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Ztf  Schmidt Corrector  Null Test  Alignment  
Mechanical analysis on the influence of the bonding process on the ultra-thin mirror shell 会议论文
Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes VII, Austin, Texas, United States, 2018-6-10
Authors:  Heng Zuo;  Kunxing Chen
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Epoxy Adhesive  Glue  Deformable Mirror  Invar Pad  Fea  Mirror Polishing  
Research on key technical issues of contact method for large diameter off-axis aspheric segments 会议论文
, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2016-6-26
Authors:  ZiBo Jiang;  XinNan Li;  YongJun Liang;  Bo Li;  BinBin Yu;  Zhe Chen
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Stressed Mirror Annular Polishing  Off-axis Aspherical Mirror  Contact Detection  Error Analysis  Polynomials Orthogonality  
The AST3 project: Antarctic Survey Telescopes for Dome A 会议论文
Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes V, Montréal, Quebec, Canada, 2014-6-22
Authors:  Xiangyan Yuan;  Xiangqun Cui;  Bozhong Gu;  Haiping Lu;  Lingzhe Xu;  Ru Zhang;  Yi Zhang;  Lifan Wang;  Zhaohui Shang;  Yi Hu;  Bin Ma;  Qiang Liu;  Shihai Yang;  Fujia Du;  Xiaoyan Li;  Daxing Wang;  Xinnan Li;  Xuefei Gong;  Haikun Wen;  Zhengyang Li
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Dome a  Ast3  Survey Telescope  Winterization Observation  Extrasolar Planets Searching  Supernovas  
Kunlun Dark Universe Survey Telescope 会议论文
Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes V, Montréal, Quebec, Canada, 2014-6-22
Authors:  Yongtian Zhu;  Lifan Wang;  Xiangyan Yuan;  Bozhong Gu;  Xinnan Li;  Shihai Yang;  Xuefei Gong;  Fujia Du;  Yongjun Qi;  Linzhe Xu
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Ground-based Telescopes  Optics/ir  Antarctic  
A large ion beam figuring plant used for manufacturing astronomical telescope 会议论文
Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies: Advanced Optical Manufacturing Technologies, Xiamen, China, 2012-4-26
Authors:  GUO Weiyuan;  LIANG Bin;  CHENG Xiankai;  ZHENG Yi
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Ion Beam Figuring Plant  Five Axes Controlling  Mirror Figuring  
The research on making large-size aspherical mirrors by vacuum evaporation technique 会议论文
Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies: Advanced Optical Manufacturing Technologies, Xiamen, China, 2012-4-16
Authors:  WANG Jin-feng
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Vacuum Evaporation  Original Sphere  
Design and Practice Multi-channel Real Time System on Deformation Control of Optical Plate 会议论文
Software and Cyberinfrastructure for Astronomy II, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2012-7-1
Authors:  ZHENG Yi;  Wang Yin-hu;  LI Ying;  LI Xin-nan
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Optical Plate  Deformation Control  Real Time  Mimo System